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Intrend Products have the most eclectic mix of everyday items and fun memorabilia. We provide fantastic selections at a low, affordable price point. But don’t confuse our rock-bottom prices for bad quality. All our items are built to last and made with care.

Every choice of product on our site is trendy. You might have seen some of our flagship listings on platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram, but there’s still plenty more inventory for you to flaunt yourself. Be original and grab a something that no one has yet seen.

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Some of our items are great for fun, while others are perfect for everyday life. Sensible choices like flatware, bags, and décor will help you bring your home life into the modern era. Upgrade your knicks and knacks with sensational selections from all categories. 

Limitless Options

At Sunday Coconut, we solve our customers’ biggest problem – what on earth do you still need when you have everything?! Turns out, there’s still plenty of merch for you to snag that will help you convey your unique sense of fashion, style, and taste. With Sunday Coconut, your options are limitless.

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